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cp -rL
Copy recursively and dereference symbolic links (copy the file, not the link)
List process resource usage. By default having the most CPU-intensive process on top. Press > to have it sort on another column. Press 1 to have usage for each CPU apart.
List CPU information
Show memory usage
cat /etc/sysctl.conf|grep swappiness
Check swappines (the eager the system will swap with). A higher number means more swapping will happen. 0 is not no swapping but minimal swapping.
uname -a
Show kernel version
mountpoint -q <directory>
Check if <directory> is in use as mountpoint
chage -l <username>
Show password aging status

RedHat (RHEL)

Redhat version installed
for file in /proc/*/status ; do awk '/VmSwap|Name/{printf $2 " " $3}END{ print ""}' $file; done
Find swapspace usage per process


No operation (NOP)

Raspberry pi autologon

In /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf comment this line out (by putting a # in front of it)