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MariaDB is an open source fork of MySQL. There are some differences but most are internal, for users the commands and SQL syntax is exactly the same.

phpMyAdmin is a web based GUI for the maintenance of MariaDB and MySQL servers.

Move users from one server to another

Starting on the source server execute this script

mysql -B -N -uroot -p${PASSWORD} -e "SELECT CONCAT('\'', user,'\'@\'', host, '\'') FROM user WHERE user IN ('username1', 'username2', 'username3')" > users.txt
while read line
  mysql -B -N -uroot -p${PASSWORD} -e "SHOW GRANTS FOR $line"
 done < users.txt > users.sql
sed -i 's/$/;/' users.sql

Move the file to the other server and there do:

mysql -u root -p < users.sql